Supplementary material

This website contains supplementary material to the paper "Adoption of the Linked Data Best Practices in Different Topical Domains" to appear at ISWC2014 - RDB Track.

Max Schmachtenberg
Heiko Paulheim
Christian Bizer


1. Crawled RDF Data

The dump of all the Linked Data that we crawled for our experiments from the Web can be downloaded here. The file contains 188 mio. triples and has a size of 2.6 GB zipped.

2. Crawled Vocabulary Term Definitions

The vocabulary definitions crawled to test the dereferencability and interconnectivity of vocabularies can be downloaded here. It contains 8.4 mio triples and has as size of 122 MB zipped.

3. Dataset Metadata

We provide all the metadata that we have generated to describe the data sets in the form of a dataset catalog (link auf catalog) and as a single RDF file for download. The metadata dump can be downloaded here.

4. Data Catalog and Interactive Statistics

In order to make it easier to explore the generated metadata, we have loaded it into a Data Catalog which represents the metadata in the form of tags.

We also offer a webpage which allows you to explore the datasets behind each statistical result.

5. Tables

Tables that have been aggregated from the crawled data and which are the basis of our analysis are available for download. They include:

6. LOD Cloud Diagram

LODCloud Diagram 2014

A svg version of the diagram can be downloaded here.

7. Code

LDSpider was used for crawling the datasets.

The seed list can be downloaded here. It contains 560 thousand seeds and has a packed size of 4.1 MB.

The sourcecode used for analyzing the crawl can be downloaded here. It has a packed size of 8.7 KB.

8. Credits

The work was supported by the EU research project PlanetData.

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